Lina Saneh Body pArts Studio

 “… I have long thought of the best way to evade religious law as ratified by state law. I remembered the work of Piero Manzoni who signs human bodies or body parts, thus transforming them into artworks. It gave me an idea: to perpetuate my body until the day when incineration will be allowed in this country of mine. How? I will first begin by turning my body into a workshop – The Lina Saneh Body pArts Studio - where artists would work on signing it, and hence transforming it into a collection of duly signed art pieces. And then…

Excerpt from Appendice, a performance by Lina Saneh


This is the first step of Lina Saneh’s plan: to transform her body into a collection of art pieces duly signed by different artists around the world.

For the sake of this project, she is inviting artists from Lebanon and the entire world, as well as any person interested in or concerned with art, to participate in Lina Saneh Body pArts Studio project  by signing a part of her body.

There are no restrictions on choices or divisions of the body parts, however no changes to the parts are allowed. You must choose and define the part you wish to sign without any alterations to the nature of the part.

If you are an artist and you wish to sign a part of Lina Saneh’s body and transform it into a work of art, you can then contact her on:, and specify the part you wish to sign. She would be delighted to hear from you.

For the purposes of this collaboration, a small text is required from you, related to the piece you wish to sign. This text will be published on this site, along with your signature and your chosen piece.

To view Lina Saneh’s already signed body parts, and read the artists contributions, go to: Body pArts Signatures

You are also required to send a certificate at Lina Saneh’s P.O. Box address. You will receive the adress as soon as you have chosen a part of her body and sent your signature at:

Once the body part is signed by you, Lina Saneh will cordially accept it as a donation or present on your behalf and you, as an artist, will have no rights over this piece unless she decides to sell it to a gallery, a museum or a collector. In that case, your shares will constitute 65% of the total fee paid for the work.

For more details go to the second part of the project: Body pArts Gallery