Lina Saneh Body pArts Gallery

“ … As it goes along and the different body members are signed one by one, my body/collection-of-art-pieces will be put up for sale. Thus my body will turn into a gallery – The Lina Saneh Body pArts Gallery – where the collection will be exhibited.

Excerpt from Appendice, a performance by Lina Saneh


As parts of Lina Saneh's body get signed, her body/collection-of-art-pieces will be presented to galleries, museums, and collectors, who might be interested to buy them. The only condition being that they will not be receiving these artworks/parts-of-her-body until she dies, at which point her body will be cut up and each piece sent to its new owners. The latter are then free to exhibit them or refrain from doing so. They are also free to sell them to any interested party, gallery or private collector (this is moreover allowed in her lifetime), however the new owners are contractually bound to preserving them from any deterioration, or otherwise to burn them. The ashes can then be exhibited or else sold again as pieces of art, or even disposed of, with no one being held to keep them any longer. Anyway all these details are explicitly present in the Contract.

For the sake of this project, Lina Saneh is inviting any legal or physical entity wishing to buy a signed piece of her body to visit her collection in Lina Saneh Body pArts Catalogue

If you are a gallery, a museum or a private collector and wish to own an art-piece of Lina Saneh's body/collection, you can then contact her on: and specify the part you wish to buy.

To know more about all legal details and conditions of purchase and sale of body parts, go to: Body pArts Contract

To view Lina Saneh's body/collection-of-art-pieces and choose a piece to buy, go to: Body pArts Catalogue