Contract of Sale
between the undersigned


1- First Party: Lina Saneh, Lebanese, born in /1966/

Herein identified as "seller".

2- Second Party:

Herein identified as the "buyer".



Whereas the seller, based on private agreements with several artists who examined the body organs of the seller and classified them as "works of art" and signed the said organs in evidence of that. 
Whereas the seller, who has the sole right to dispose of its works of art (body organs signed by artists) including the right of their sale as separate organs, wishes to sell his said organs to whoever wishes to buy and dispose of them including art institutions or natural persons under conditions to be specified in the contract herein.
Whereas the buyer …………………. . wishes to buy some of the organs of the second party that are put for sale.

Therefore, the two parties mutually agreed on the following:

the preamble above is an integral part of the contract herein and one of its provisions.

Object of sale 
The first party sold the second party …………………. which is a (description) who agreed on the sale of the said organ relating to the first party, that is classified as a work of art and signed by ………………….

Price of Sale

 The price of sale is set as a lump sum of …………………. to be paid as follows:

Delivery date:

Since the contract herein is postponed for execution until after death, the two parties explicitly agreed to deliver the sold organ to the second party upon the death of the seller, whereby the buyer becomes then the owner of the organ and has the right to dispose of it and display it wherever he wishes. He also has the right to resell it (taking into consideration the buyer's abidance to the provisions of the contract herein) or display it in public and dispose of it in the form of mortgage or lease under the conditions that he finds convenient, all under the condition of maintaining it and disposing of it only through burning. 

: The seller undertakes to maintain the sold object throughout his life. He also undertakes to put all the necessary effort and care to maintain the sold object and keep it in its condition upon the signature of the contract, taking into consideration what might happen to it as an effect of time or due to an unintended accident. He also undertakes not to transfer any right to third parties including mortgage, insurance, sale, or lease throughout his life.

If the sold object was deteriorated by mistake caused by the seller prior to the date of delivery, the seller undertakes to return the amounts received from the buyer with interest as of the date of receipt until the date of payment.

: The seller undertakes to pay all the rights that might arise relating to the sold organ in favor of third parties, including the party that signed the sold organ being a work of art, and solely bears the consequences of any claims by such party. 

Upon receipt, the buyer undertakes to mummify the sold organ, and guarantees that it is damaged or deteriorated as an effect of time and natural factors, whereby the sold item maintains its form upon receipt.
In the event that the mummification was not executed, the buyer may burn the sold organ and keep the ashes in the form that the latter deems convenient, and display it as a work of art in the location that he deems convenient with an attached description of the organ written by the artist with a copy of the latter's signature. He also has the right to resell the ashes and dispose of them in the form of mortgage, insurance, or lease with conditions that he deems convenient, including the dispersion of the ashes.

The two parties agreed to resolve all disputes that might arise between them through arbitration provided that they sign a supplement of the contract herein organizing this process.

The contract herein was made in ………… on     /   /      in two original copies to be delivered to each of the parties for use when needed.


First party                         Second party