Lina Saneh Body pArts Catalogue

Do I have nothing but the artistic community and institutions to protect me? I don't know… I don't know… But if it is so, I will attempt again the ultimate and will continue to search for other ultimates…

Excerpt from Appendice, a performance by Lina Saneh


If you are a gallery, a museum or a private collector and wish to own an art-piece of Lina Saneh's body/collection, check the catalogue, choose the part you wish to buy, and then contact her on:

The heart - signed by The Otolith Group on 12/03/2007

The chromosome set 23 - signed by Critical Art Ensemble on 13/03/2007

The gesture of Lina Saneh that accompanies her kisses, when she flicks her hair away from her face with that quick left/right jerk of the head - signed by Walid Raad on 01/04/2007

La bouche - signed by Lamia Joreige on 03/04/2007

The left ear - signed by Lina on 23/04/2007

L'air inter les cheveux frisés de Lina Saneh - signed by Jacko Restikian on 24/04/2007

Lina Saneh’s oft-repeated exclamation ayrî fîk (I thrust my penis in you/my penis is inside you) when addressed to her husband – signed by Jalal Toufic on 30/05/2007

L’eau du corps – signed by Emilie Berteau on 27/06/2007

Le sang - signed by Joana Hadjithomas on 10/08/2007

The voice - signed by Eyad Houssami on 28/08/2007

The nabrat in your voice
- signed by Mireille Astore on 8/09/2007

Le Front
- signed by Orlan on 16/01/2008

The Iris
- signed by Ala' Younis on 16/01/2009


To buy a piece of art from Lina Saneh's body/collection, contact her on:

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